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Ayame Usui is Ryo Sagami's wife who is very sickly, but gets extremely excited when Sagami gets a chance to visit her. She is cured by drinking some of Misao Harada's blood. She has the power to show images in a pool of water, and also to communicate through them. She showed Kyo Misao when he was away from her for ten years. She also showed Sho Usui, and he learned this skill just by watching her.

Appearance []

She had straight light brown hair with clean cut bangs and doesn’t style her hair with accessories despite her flashy personality. This could be due to her constant bed ridden state. However, this doesn’t stop her from enjoying make up or her other hobbies. Misao has noted that she was extremely attractive and was taken aback by her beauty upon their first encounter. She has an extremely slender and petite figure, and is very weak to any physical altercations as shown when she was easily thrown aside when attempting to shield Misao from harm.

Sakurakouji's Character Introduction[]

Ayame is first introduced shouting gleefully and excitedly when reuniting with her husband, Sagami, upon his return. She greets the rest of the characters with enthusiasm and treats them like family, making for a great first impression of her character. She’s shown to be very optimistic and full of energy, especially around Sagami, whom she dotes on and is extremely affectionate to. She becomes Misao’s first female friend.


At first glance, readers are lead to believe that she is the more caring and hopeful one of the couple, when in fact she was the polar opposite a few years ago before she met Sagami. She was very pessimistic and quiet due to her weak body as everyone around her predicted her early death, which furthered her bitterness towards life and caused her to neglect her health as she deemed it to be a hopeless cause. She became infatuated with Sagami despite their limited interactions and on the last few weeks of her predicted death, got on her knees and begged him to sleep with her as her last wish. He bluntly denies her request and elaborates by stating that only after she takes care of herself and stops neglecting her health requirements, would he marry her. This launched her journey of bettering herself on her own, which greatly improved her physical and mental health, and extended her avoidable early grave. Sagami had helped her greatly, thus explaining that he has his own way of displaying affection via logic verses Ayame’s loud declarations of her love for her more calm husband.

Both her and Sagami promised to prioritize Misao and Kyo over each other despite their obvious affection for one another due to their firm sense of duty for a greater cause. This is shown when Ayame refuses to back down from shielding Misao from attackers when they lie about her husbands death and taunt her with a stolen lock of his hair in an attempt to break her will. She stands her ground against them, refusing to back down and boldly declares the promise she made to him on their wedding day that they would protect Kyo and Misao for the greater good of their clan. She is injured during this altercation and Sagami rushes to her side as soon as he confirms Misao’s safety. This chapter ends with Sagami tenderly kissing Ayame’s hand as she smiles at him.

In the end of the series, Ayame and Sagami have children together named Tsubaki and Ryuu.


Ayame is a happy-go-lucky and romantic who enjoys time with Sagami.


Ryo Sagami []

Ayame began to like Sagami when she was 15 years old and he was the first person she ever kissed. When they got married, they made a promise that they would save Misao Harada and Kyo Usui before saving each other.