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I only wanted Misao to smile.

—Chapter 014

Kensuke Dodoji is the current head of the Shirohebi Clan.


In his first appearance, one of the most prominent features he is noted on aside from his scary appearance is his supposed lack of eyebrows, which he actually does have, just very thinly.

He is noted for looking completely opposite to his fraternal twin sister, being of fair colouring while she dark and being terrifying looks while she is a classical beauty.


While he was mistaken to be a rather intimidating person in his first impression and somewhat strange as well for hiding an incinerator of all things, he is actually a very kind, soft-hearted and somewhat shy boy.

He's also not very good at keeping secrets or being as cruel and manipulative as his twin sister would rather he be.

Kensuke is very devoted to the few friends he has that can look past his scary appearance, even if he doesn't like what they do. The same applies towards his sister, Kiyo, whom he cares about despite their radically different ideologies.


Kiyo Dojoji - Kensuke's twin sister. She wants him to work with Shuhei to take Misao. They do not look alike and have very different personalities.


Shuhei Kuzunoha - For a short while, Kensuke is working with Shuhei to take Misao.

Misao Harada - Kensuke is supposed to take her or give her to Shuhei, but after Misao pulls Kensuke out from under an incinerator, Kensuke seems to stalk her, but they become friends. Kensuke keeps Misao's handkerchief which he uses after falling down the stairs at their school.