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Yuri Usui
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Yoh Usui (husband)

Sho Usui (son)

Kyo Usui (son)

Sou Usui (grandson)


She is Sho and Kyo's mother. She was seven years old when she came to the Tengu village to live in Hyokuin, a home for orphans. There was an eleven year gap between her and Yoh. Eventually though, Yoh says otherwise and permits her to become his wife despite the opinions of the other Tengu from the village. 


Yuri has dark shoulder length hair. She is considered to be so beautiful that when men look at her, it hurts. It is because of her beauty that Yoh's father allowed Yuri to marry Yoh.

Sakurakouji's Character Introduction[]


When it is declared by Yoh that she will marry him, it is mentioned that her Beauty will be a great asset to their future children at the least. Indeed, she bears two strong male heirs which shine with the same great beauty inherent in their mother. Yuri does her best to be a dutiful wife and raise both her sons as well as she can. Through circumstances later regarding her sons rise for the position as head of the Clan she ultimately dies from supposed suicide by poison. Following a dramatic moment between her and Yoh, he returns to find her body apparently poisoned in suicide.


She is a nice, initially shy girl with dark shoulder length hair and is described by Yoh, when he meets her for the first time, "She looks like a Girl's Day Doll." As she grew into a woman her beauty only blossomed more to such an extent she shone brightly even among other Tengu. She loves Yoh so much that despite her depression over the news of plans for his marriage, she cannot come to hate him.