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Zenki [ 剛 / 前 鬼 ] is one of the Eight Great Tengu. He looks scary but is really an easygoing and a funny person. He loves and protects children who lost their families, particularly at Hiyokuin. His real name is Goh. Zenki is unable to control his demon powers so he has a tattoo and earrings which are used as seals to contain his power; a seal is added every year as the power grows stronger every year. Zenki hates to bring harm to the village or to the children that he loves.

When he was an infant, he killed his parents due to his power, although Zenki did not know until he was kidnapped by Hoki and Sho.


Zenki is rather handsome, with piercings in both ears, green eyes, and red hair. The Tengu is rather muscular as well. he also has an accent.


Zenki grew up at Hiyokin after accidentally killing his parents with his uncontrolled power. He later grew up to be one of the 8 protectors of Kyo Usui.


He is passionate and head strong; always believing in justice prevailing. He will do anything to help Kyo. He's also very unpopular compared to buzen.

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